Om Power

An all levels yet challenging Vinyasa inspired class.  Om Power is an all-encompassing combination of power meets flow.  Set to a unique soundtrack, this class will involve strength building, flexibility and freedom.

Om Sculpt

This all-levels class combines Vinyasa flow, resistance training, and cardio to build strength and conditioning to compliment your yoga foundation. Motivational tracks will energize your spirit as you boost your metabolism and build lean muscle mass. Free weights and blocks are used. 

 Om Flow

Suitable for beginners to advanced, this all levels Vinyasa class will incorporate traditional smart sequencing with a fusion of various styles of yoga focusing on asana alignment and the connection of breath and movement.    

Om Basics

This class is designed for individuals starting their yoga journey or those wanting to go back and build on their practice. This class will focus on asana alignment, linking movements with breath, meditation and understanding the basics of yoga. 

Om Beats

All - levels Vinyasa class infused with the vibration of beats - This is a high vibe, good feeling, no judgments 60 min class.

Om Kids

A playful class for kids ages 5-12.  Structured around self-expression, confidence, social skills and body awareness, your child will learn how to incorporate movement and breath in order to focus, calm the mind and release stress.   **This class is 45 minutes.

Om Restorative

This all- levels class is suitable for everyone esp. those recovering from injuries. During this class you will be led through passive movements incorporated into a gentle yoga flow sequence.  Props are used to help support and assist the body. Ease your mind, renew your soul. 

Om Zen

This all- levels class still has the feel of a Vinyasa inspired class while slowing down the pace. You will move mindfully while building both strength and balance on your mat. Enjoy slowing it down, moving powerfully,  mindfully and breathing deeply.  Keeping it Zen.

Om Meditation

This is a guided meditation class with conscious gentle movement.  Learn to breathe, center and go within.  No expectations.

Om Mat Pilates

Based on the techniques developed by Joseph Pilates, this mat-based class emphasizes postural alignment, core strength and flexibility.

Om Barre Fusion

This unique all levels class combines elements of flow yoga with barre inspired moves to leave you feeling strong and centered. By intertwining flowing yoga postures with the precise movements found in barre classes, Yoga barre targets muscles in the core, glutes, and thighs in a whole new way.

Om Buti

Buti Yoga is a music-driven, dynamic practice that combines power yoga with cardio-intensive bursts of dance, body sculpting movements, and deep core work .

Om Yoga for Athletes

In this all levels class, the focus is on asana / poses that help strengthen and stretch your muscles, leaving your body ready for your next training or game day. Hitting the weights or pavement is really important for any sport, but what athletes sometimes forget is that stretching muscles and finding a bigger range of motion for joints is also a huge part of your training. This class is a combination of stretching and strengthening the body while focusing on smaller assisting muscles in a more controlled way. 

Private / Small Group Sessions   

Private and small group classes available by appointment only. 

Studio Events / Corporate Events

Want to host a group event or party at FierceOm or your preferred location? Email us