Mind Body & Soul

Hello from your Redheaded Yogi! 

It's finally May! Which means it's finally (almost) summer! Did anyone else feel like winter kinda dragged it's feet a little bit? And like, did anyone even feel Spring? Same. *sigh* 

As we move into a new month it's always a good time to refresh our goals! No matter what your goals are, do you ever find that you are so fixated on those goals and making the journey perfect, that you end up falling away from them by the end of the month when things start to get a little crazy? Yeah, me neither =-D I am here to talk about a little thing called balance and how it will help you achieve your new goals for May! 

I have a friend that I used to dance with at Disney and a few years ago she moved to Japan. She is one of those friends that just understands you, no matter if they are going through the same thing or not. You think to yourself "man, I am struggling with this...but I don't know who to talk to that would understandddd...OH WAIT!". Hahaha, yup, she's that friend! Anyway, I had just moved back to the east coast when she moved over seas and we were both in unfamiliar territories trying to figure out our new norm, both feeling a little rocky. She told me about something she had read about finding balance in life by participating in "Mind, Body, and Soul" activities. At the time, I had spent a little over 2 years being a fitness professional and honestly I felt like we threw around those words all the time; "Mind, Body, and Soul". But what the heck does that even mean? We talked about it for probably way too long and decided we were going to try to complete a Mind, Body, and Soul activity every day for the next week and report back with how we were feeling then. Now, let me explain what this meant...

- Mind activities were anything that activated and stimulated our minds. So for me, that was playing those soduku puzzles (seriously one of my favorites!), reading, or giving the piano a go after about a 10 year break!

- Body activities were anything that made your body feel good. Again, for me that was dance, yoga, going on a run/walk, trying a new yummy recipe, getting a massage, or stretching. 

- Soul activities are always fun, because they can really be interchangeable with the first two. Literally anything that puts a smile on your face is an AMAZING soul activity. For this girl, that was playing with my dog, dancing, praying, reading the new edition of Cosmo, taking a bath, going on a hike, or baking! 

Your mind, body and soul makes you who you are! Three key things that keep us living. It's important to keep everything working and not rely on one more than another. Depending on what kind of person you are, you will find yourself gravitating more towards one of these categories and would never really find yourself doing another on a normal day. BUT it's so interesting when you take the time to do all three, how balanced you feel! Typically when I feel a little stressed or anxious and can't figure out why, I take notice of what I've done the last few days...usually I've done too much of one (usually body) and not enough of another (usually mind). Something to keep in mind - these activities have to be something you ENJOY! It shouldn't feel like 10th grade chemistry homework. If soduku puzzles are NOT your jam, then I don't want to see you with those crazy squares getting frustrated with the numbers 1-9! It's definitely a trial an error activity, but when you find the Mind, Body, and Soul activities that are for you...well, let's just say I cannot wait to hear how you feel! So go ahead, make a list of different things you could do that would fall under these categories and every day check off something for your Mind, Body, and Soul! And wait for it...you can do the SAME things every day if you want! I encourage you to try new things, BUT the whole point of this is finding things that make you happy! If a certain activity was the most fun you've had since riding a two wheeler for the first time, then you keep that big smile on your face and do that thing again tomorrow!

When you feel balanced, it's amazing what you can get accomplished! So whatever this month has in store for you, remember this fun way of feeling balanced so you can absolutely crush any goal you have? Honor yourself and I promise it will honor you! 

Catch you in class, friends!


Jenny Sy